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PASS IT ON — From Raising Awareness to Open Labour Market Opportunities for People with Disabilities

through Vocational Training and Lifelong Strategies — is a two year project (01.01.2009 - 31.12.2010) funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission. It regroups partners from 8 countries, namely Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Malta, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

The overall aim of the project is to enable people with disabilities to enter into the open labor market by providing them, the professionals who accompany them, the employers and other stakeholders involved in the process, with a learning opportunity based on well tested training materials from four previous projects, 2 Leonardo da Vinci (Conversion and Atlas) and 2 Socrates-Grundtvig (Inclusive Education Model and projects focusing on lifelong opportunities and vocational training for Persons with Disabilities and on their integration in mainstream education and inclusive employment.

As mentioned above, the partnership is regrouping partners from 8 countries:

  • European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities
  • EASPD (Belgium)
  • Fontys OSO (the Netherlands)
  • Lebenshilfe Graz und Umgebung – Voitsberg (Austria)
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (Malta)
  • B. P. T. spol. s r. o. (Czech Republic)
  • Vision (Bulgaria)
  • Hand in Hand Foundation (Hungary)
  • Alpha Transilvana (Romania).

The project will have as main outcome the establishment of a Learning Community able to disseminate and exploit the results of the project. It will be composed by:

1. A Scientifi c and Validation Committee which will compile a summary of the 4 mentioned projects’ training materials. The compilation produced will be translated in the following languages: EN, BG, CZ, HU and RO.

2. WebPages which will include the projects materials from the 4 above mentioned projects, the produced compilation of the training materials in the different languages, chat rooms for exchange of information among professional, employers and authorities and all stakeholder interested in facilitating the inclusion of people with disabilities in the open labour market. The website will be part of the labour related website managed by EASPD.

3. National helpdesks set up in the following countries: MT, BG, CZ, HU and RO which will disseminate the compilation produced at national level and will assist professionals (service providers, managers and front line staff), employers and local authorities in the ultimate objective of including people with disabilities in the open labour market. The helpdesk will also conduct a study on the gaps and challenges encountered at national level in relation to the development of labour related skills of Persons with Disabilities and their integration in the open labour market.

4. Portals developed in the following countries: MT, BG, CZ, HU and RO and containing the information on the disseminated projects and their compilation in the national language. They represent a way for the helpdesk to support professionals, employers, local authorities and other stakeholders.

5. Twinning partnerships between the Pool of Experts established and the national helpdesks. In particular the following twinning partnerships will be set up between:

Holland <–> Romania
Ireland <–> Bulgaria
Austria <–> Malta
Belgium <–> Czech Republic
Hungary <–> Ireland

6. National networks which will organise 1 day and a half seminar in the new Members States (in Romania in March 2010, in the Czech Republic in April 2010, in Bulgaria in June 2010, in Hungary in September 2010 and in Malta in November 2010) attended by all stakeholders. Each seminar will analyse the 4 projects training materials through parallel working groups and will establish how to apply the materials and the experience from the different projects according to the
profi le and needs of the sector at national level.

The project has been successfully completed and finalized in the end of 2010.

EU support
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Pass It On News Library Links Contacts

{showhide list=true hidetitle=false title="18-20.11.2010 - Malta - Final seminar on Pass it on project." boolparameter1=true boolparameter2=false}

On November 18-20, 2010, the EASPD Final Seminar of the “Pass It On” Project on “Empowerment through education, training and support” was held in Malta. The seminar speakers focused their presentations on supported employment and the possibility of including people with disabilities in the open labor market.

The event was attended by representatives of member partners, Mr. Luk Zelderloo, Secretary of EASPD, Mr. Vincent Borg, a representative of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Education and Employment in Malta, as well as representatives of the local university in Malta.

Presentations were delivered by Michael Kamp (Secretary of the World Association for Supported Employment, Netherlands), Rudi Wouters (Manager of special activities to employment support for people with disabilities, Belgium), Harry van den Brandt (Assessor of the Dutch Association of Supported Employment, Netherlands), Ronald Haku (Secretary of the Dutch Association of Supported Employment, Netherlands). The Bulgarian representative at the Seminar was Mr. Georgi Georgiev, Chairman of the Board of NASO.

Main emphases of the work of the Bulgarian participation were the topics of future partnership after finishing the project, preparation for new projects with participation of experts who have worked for Bulgaria to date, including creating conditions for implementation of supported employment for people with disabilities in Bulgaria.


{showhide list=true hidetitle=false title="01.10.2010 Plovdiv – Regional forum "Corporative Social Responsibility"." boolparameter1=true boolparameter2=false}

On the 01.10.2010 in Plovdiv, the National Alliance for Social Responsibility /NASO/, the European Informational and Innovational center of the Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and “ KT Podkrepa”- Plovdiv have organized Regional forum on theme “Corporative Social Responsibility”.

The purpose of the Forum was to discuss the condition of the corporative social responsibility in Bulgaria through presentation of innovative European and national experience, motivation and attraction of wider range of corporative subjects for undertaking of new socially significant engagements, related mostly with the life quality in the community.

Plovdiv 01.10.2010

The main stress during the work on the forum was the presented information and the implemented discussion for the people with disabilities, the needs and the possibilities for provision of employment for more effective support and improvement the quality of their life and the life of their families.

In the Forum were presented and presentations of the work in Bulgaria of the European Association of the Service Providers for People with Disabilities /EASPD/, National Alliance for Social Responsibility /NASO/ and the National Federation of the Employers of People with Disabilities /NFRI/, and also the innovative experience of KCM-SA Plovdiv for the creation of specialized enterprise and the support for people with disabilities.

Special interest provoked also the possibility for membership and partnership in the National Alliance for Social Responsibility /NASO/, in result of which, the number of members of NASO has strongly increased.


{showhide list=true hidetitle=false title="Seminars." boolparameter1=true boolparameter2=false}

In the year 2 of the project (2010), Seminars will be organised in 5 different countries, in order to disseminate project materials and raise awareness amongst the relevant stakeholders: Authorities, employers, professionals working in the sector of service provision to persons with disabilities.

These seminars will also give the occasion to analyse the situation of the country and to openly address the thematics of the project, i.e. the employment of persons with disabilities on the open labor market. Thanks to the comparison with the situation in another country, and the presence of experts able to provide the audience with a European perpective, participants will have concrete elements to discuss during targeted workshops aiming at sharing information on the different training materials made available by the PASS IT ON project.

Please find below the planning of these events:

  • Romania (Tirgu Mures): 09-10/03/2010
  • Czech Republic (Prague): 27-28/04/2010
  • Bulgaria: 25–26/06/2010
  • Hungary (Budapest): 30/09–1/10/ 2010
  • Malta: 18–20/11/2010 (combined with the last project team meeting)





EU support
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Pass It On News Library Links Contacts

Below you will find links towards national portals established by project partners, as well as other useful links.

Background documents:

EASPD Position Paper on Employment for Persons with Disabilities - The Thessaloniki Declaration

The full text of the United Nations on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Research document from ANED (Academic Network of European Disability experts): The labour market situation of disabled people in European countries and implementation of employment policies: a summary of evidence from country reports and research studies, prepared by Pr. Bent Greve, University of Roskilde, Denmark (April 2009)

The national portals:

Institutional links:

  • Executive Agency Education, Adiovisual & Culture

This Agency is a body set up by the European Commission. It is notably in charge of managing the Lifelong Learning Programme, which is co-funding this project

  • European Commission Disability Unit

Useful links with information on the employment of persons with disabilities:

  • ANED

The Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED) was created by the European Commission in December 2007. The aim is to establish and maintain a pan-European academic network in the disability field that will support policy development in collaboration with the Commission Disability Unit.This website contains several accurate reports related to the employment of people with disabilities

  • The European Union of Supported Employment
  • Workability Europe

Workability Europe is the largest employer body representing providers of work and employment services to people with disabilities in Europe. It has 40 member organisations located in more than 23 countries. The growing membership provides work programmes for over 1,250,000 persons with a disability yearly




EU support
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Pass It On News Library Links Contacts


Ivka Ivanova

  • jurist
  • information and consultancy matters
  • partnership
  • organizational matters
Address: 115 Kniaz Boris I Blvd., Varna 9002
Tel./Fax: +359 52 646 016
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leading organization:

EASPD – European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities
Oudergemlaan 63, Av. D’Auderghem
B – 1040 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 282 46 13
Fax: +32 2 230 72 33

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




EU support
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


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